Auctions require robust systems to ensure efficiency

In the mobile app economy you need a fast and native mobile app to ensure efficient bidding on live and timed auctions.


You are sitting in an auction hall with a bid card. You show the card to the auctioneer and his assistants to bid on the current lot. The auctioneer sees your card and shouts out the bid to the audience.

Now imagine yourself at home following the same live auction on your phone. You can enter a bid in real time with one click on the live auction without having to be physically present in the auction hall. This is what Altum Systems apps allow you to do.

  • Ease of use – native mobile apps that feel right

  • Enhanced performance – all data in real time

  • Bid from anywhere – live or timed auctions

  • One-click bidding – automated bid incrementation

Elegant, robust, automated, real-time — just what you need for all your live and timed auctions

Mobile app auctions.

The best auction management systems are capable of running complex data streams quickly and easily in real time via mobile apps.

One-click bidding and automated bid incrementation are hallmarks of excellent auction management systems. All customised Altum Systems auction management systems are created with these principles in mind.

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